International Marketing Centre
The basic objective of this project is to focus on specific buyers, countries and products. The broad objectives of the proposal is to provide support to cottage, small scale and SMEs of Moradabad engaged in handicrafts exports in their marketing efforts through long term planning and creation of support facilities. The priority areas will be:
  • To establish specific integrated approach for handicrafts and Moradabad based crafts which is lacking marketing efforts
  • To meet branded and established overseas buyers across the world throughout the year and create new marketing opportunities for cottage sector
  • To create aggressive international marketing strategy
  • To fill the gap of inadequate infrastructure especially in the remote craft pockets
  • To achieve a quantum jump in the export earnings with the enhanced flow of trade
  • Creation of new techniques and improvement in the existing international marketing techniques/ export opportunities of the cottage sector and SMEs exporting units
  • Efficient utilization of export potential of small scale sector by creating a new concept of export marketing
  • To create a link between clusters which have limited international marketing facilities with the consumer market of Europe & USA and other developed nations.
  • Development of international network of marketing and product development expertise with the help of international product designers, trend-setters, etc.
  • To bring together buyers and sellers around the world throughout the year with focused publicity
  • Reliable source of supply
  • Preference to buy from the country of origin
  • Ability to visit as per buyers' convenience
  • Opportunity for exporters located at remote places of these states to meet International buyers
  • Increased share of export earnings from the sector which have tremendous potential but due to lack of focused export promotion measures cannot be substantially achieved
  • To provide benefit to the artisan, the actual manufacturer, from the exports
  • To increase employment opportunities and improve the level of livelihood of craftsmen
  • To launch Indian cottage sector in the world market in an integrated manner among the leading importers, departmental stores, buyers, etc
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