International design centre
The main objective of design centre is to provide support to small scale handicraft industry through long term planning and creation of supportive facilities within the centre including a fully equipped training centre with competent, properly trained staff able to teach all aspects of newer and innovative designs. The Centre would aim to support handicrafts of Moradabad such as art metalware, EPNS, wooden handicrafts, glassware, etc.
The Centre would provide design development, product innovation, design interpretation, technical specifications, prototype development, sampling, training programmes, etc. This design centre is proposed to be named as the International Centre for Craft and Design (ICCD).
The Centre will work under the patronage of leading international design centres/ institutes and shall seek cooperation and guidance from the national design institutes such as, NID, NCDPD, NIFT, Regional Design and Technical Development Centre (RDTDC) (O/o DC (H)), etc.
Some basic objectives of the proposal are narrated below:
  • Creation of job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower
  • Efficient utilisation of present potential of design skills of artisans and craftsmen by creating a new concept of development of innovative designs supported with marketing in international markets by a designated team on short term and long term basis
  • Protection and promotion of traditional skills and crafts
  • Dissemination of the results of the research and development, information on market intelligence to the artisans through seminars, workshops and trainings to be organised at identified locations
  • Creation and electronic data storage of Innovative Designs as per the requirement of international buyers
  • Improvement of product design and quality and introduction of the same in the industry
  • Provide updated information on colour trends as well as style
  • Increase the total trade of handicrafts from Moradabad, including exports
  • To provide adequate infrastructure support for improved quality and productivity and to enable access to a larger market segment, both domestic and international
  • Act as a consulting centre to provide innovative designs in the area of craft
  • To develop CAD/ CAM centre with latest design software and impart portfolio management design services
  • Development within India of raw material and equipment suppliers which are presently imported
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