Activities Marketing Centre
With its marketing capabilities, it is mandated to improve networking, assist in image-building, design-driven marketing requirements, catalogue design, portfolio enhancement, brand development and promotion. It will act as a buying agency which will consolidate supplies from various Moradabad based manufacturers and supply to brands/ retailers/ stores, etc.

Domestic retail operations:
There are a number of popular traditional handicraft products which are in great demand by the consumers but due to inadequate publicity and marketing strategy many consumers were unable to purchase the same. In order to bridge this gap MDCPL plans to open own retail store in a metropolitan city.

Warehouse will be rented to support the retail store operations.

Image building and branding:
Directions, instructions and materials in the development of image through visual communications, media mix and public relations to strengthen a company’s market presence form part of the image building and branding service. It also involves national, regional and individual brand development including corporate brand development, brand establishment, brand intelligence, brand dynamics, brand strategy, brand communications and brand management.

Art works on logo, labelling, bar coding, graphic and literary components towards brand registrations, copyrights, intellectual property rights, trademarks and industrial design registrations are various measures of branding.

Design exhibitions, showroom and store development and visual merchandising:
Assistance shall be provided to various companies pertaining to new product launches, penetration of new markets, strengthening of its image, etc. by way of trade fairs or domestic retail market intelligence updates on buyer-seller-consumer value proportions, selling points (SR), buyers’ listings and return of investments (ROI). Construction of temporary and permanent exhibitions, design booth/ store/ showroom, selection of contractor, logistics and workload schedule are other services which shall be provided.
Industry linkages, tie-ups and networking:
This involves industry interventions in evaluation of products, services and suppliers through development of network and business contacts to create new business opportunities among its clients. Matching of new business partners and intra-exporters sourcing and collaborations are in the offer.

In view of the strong justifications, a comprehensive package has been envisaged so as to create awareness among Indian handicraft exporters about the potential that exists in the world market and the measures thereupon to tap these markets.The package of schemes has been prepared after detail discussions with member exporters of Export Councils, BAMA, exporters from Moradabad and feedback from the cross section of handicraft exporters.

Considering the fast increasing inclination of businesses and consumers on internet
for purchasing / sourcing, it is proposed to have an e-portal which will work as B2B (as ITC’s Choupal) and B2C (as,, etc.) model.

On the basis of preceding paragraphs an action plan has been envisaged for international marketing of Indian Handicrafts products from Moradabad by implementation of following activities:

Arranging national and international buyer seller meet
The broad objective of the implementation of the component is to give ample exposure to manufacturers of Moradabad to various kinds of buyers which the manufacturers don’t have the access to. Indian meets will also enable buyers to see the manufacturing facilities of Moradabad based manufacturers and ultimately develop a long term confidence.
2. Participation in international exhibitions
Specialized trade fairs are an important segment of marketing-mix like other marketing tools and strategies. Participation in a trade fair must be done professionally with utmost care and commitment. The edge for the Indian handicrafts from the competitor countries is that they have more aesthetic appearance, variety and can be produced in the small quantities. However, proper projection, focused promotion and integrated approach are still lacking.

Efforts should be taken to project India specific image by organizing the trade fair in abroad and participation in overseas shows. The fairs should aim towards creating awareness about the Indian tribal craft, unexplored markets. They should present capabilities & strengths of Indian crafts as well as strengthen the supply network.

The importance and necessity of the trade fairs can be briefly summarized as follows:
  • A trade fair is not simply a place to buy or sell. It is now increasingly a source of information and communication. Today, there is an increasing tendency to change its emphasis from ordering to informing of visitors.
  • It conveys much more vivid an active information about a product and service than any other component of marketing mix.
  • Trade fair helps to test the product in the market place. The reactions of visitors provide invaluable information for market research.
  • It is an important instrument of promoting international trade as it brings together a large number of buyers in one place.
  • It is often the most practical way to show to buyer the products of a company and offers an opportunity for immediate feed-back from the buyer.
  • Trade fair enables a person to meet competitors whom it would otherwise the difficult to identify and study the products and marketing techniques of competing companies.
3. Publicity campaign and brand promotion
An aggressive publicity campaign shall be launched by the Council in the entire focused countries for the promotion of Indian handicrafts. The publicity campaign shall include ad banners, trans lights, electronic media, advertisement in show directories, direct mailers/ post cards. This also includes participation in important product specific shows in these countries for wider publicity.
The objectives will be:
  • Improving export opportunities for cottage based exporters and business opportunities with foreign buyers.
  • Reviving languishing crafts and providing employment opportunities to artisans, especially women and minorities.
  • Increased foreign exchange earnings to the country which have very less share of exports in the world imports despite vast production base.
  • Effective business development and efficient utilization of marketing expenditure.
  • Opportunities for test marketing new products in export markets.
  • Information to exporters about consumer purchase trends in different world markets and thereby assists in targeting export markets.
4. Opening of warehouses in USA
Important warehousing companies were approached with the assistance of the India Trade Promotion Organization office at New York for managing warehousing, packaging, distribution along with the fulfilment of web based inventory control management system. A series of meetings were organised with the warehouse companies and emphasis was laid on web based software services by warehouse to provide a customized interface to place orders, view inventory and access detailed report in a real time 24 hrs a day.

An access of information from any location of the world was also discussed.

The list of services is as follows:
  • Inventory management
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Project management/ Account service
  • Order processing/ Order management
  • Custom fulfilments
  • Custom packaging
  • Freight/ trucking services
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory reporting
  • Print on demand
  • Disposal/ destruction of materials
  • Web based ordering systems
  • International shipping services
  • Bulk mail
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Photocopying

Out of the various presentations made/ proposals submitted by two major warehouse companies have been short listed for availing the warehouse facility. On the basis of the examination of the proposal it is proposed to have space at any of the location near to New York in the first year of operation, a detailed financial estimate for three years with substantial increase in the space is provided separately. On the basis of several round of discussions M/s Webgistix have been offered a special promotional offer whereby first few companies can be offered free warehousing facilities for certain period. This is evident with the study of USA market that the warehouse facility is most important and critical component of the entire Integrated International Marketing Project. It was observed that the participants could not work due to lack of warehouse facility in 2nd Atlanta show.
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