Activities Design Centre
The design centre at Moradabad would facilitate information and knowledge dissemination, capacity building for developing market appropriate products and which would benefit and involve parties from the production side as well as the market side of the industries.
The Design Centre will focus primarily on design of crafts made by hand and aided by machine. Centre promotes creative industries through commercialisation of the Indian arts and crafts for the world and national market. The Centre shall collaborate with international consultants, experts and design team for design collection, conceptualisation and its deliverables, line-concepts, material sourcing, methods in design-led crafts development, pattern, cutting, full-sizing, construction, textile technology and design management within the centre and in the client’s environment.  
The various programmes & different components of design services are as follows:

Design research: Research involves collecting, compiling and dissemination of material in creative and technical design, marketing directions and developments on lifestyle references, consumerism and cultural orientations. It also encompasses applied research on raw material usage and manipulations and technologies related to product development and industry building. The centre shall also provide use of the centre’s design and industry publications including subscription to exclusive access to paid trends websites at the centre.

Product design and development: Design development, improvement of products and packaging based on trends, market needs, new concepts and manufacturer’s production capabilities. Conceptual development of design includes product adaptations, expansions, extensions and product rescue, resuscitations, re-vitalisation and re-engineering. The developed designs will not be patented by the SPV.

Design promotion: Promotion involves creation of public awareness, patronage and appreciation of the industrial design through international and local exhibitions, seminars, workshops, trend presentations, dialogues, etc.

Product standards and product excellence: The centre shall also provide services in order to meet the international product standards of quality and acquire the seal of product excellence. Products may be nominated by the centre for international design competitions and awards to place Indian contemporary crafts among the finest and well-designed merchandise in the world.

Manufacturing excellence: Common service facility network through raw material bank and end-to-end supply chain collaborations where design collections are tailored-fit to use these facilities, thereby, galvanize the supply, volume and its quality assurance. Advise on concepts of manufacturing activity–based efficiencies.

Package design: This service involves generation of new ideas or redesign of packages of products in creative aspects, such as graphic design and literary content, as well as in technical aspects such as loadability, strength and safety. Mock-ups and scale models are also in the service offering.

Graphic design: Creation of commercially appealing art works for product photo offers, brochures, direct mail, advertising, PR & publicity collaterals, internet materials, trade show tarpaulins/ streamers, exhibitor-aided promotion flyers, special promotional events materials, thematic cards and trade directories/ publications for both individual clients or trade associations.

Product technology demonstration: Instructional and hands-on training and technology exchange in learning and application of skills in prototyping and manufacturing such as finishing, embellishments, painting, construction and other techniques related to product value-added enhancements.

Technology up gradation: This involves updates on the latest use of technology in prototyping and manufacturing, production planning and control. Also in the offering are systems and logistic simplification through design that can easily be manufactured in multiples, at a least cost in order to protect the bottom line of producers.

Design, market and technical trends information: Publication, seminars and forums on global trends, tendencies and forecasts, trend applications and interpretations, mood boards, colour bundles, trends application exhibitions, colour, material and textile trend presentations are in the offering.

Design studio/ 3D Max/ CAD/ CAM centre and design bank: Computer Aided Design/ Drafting (CAD) emerged as a proven design and maintenance tool in almost all Design related manufacturing fields. It helps the production of a drawing and design with a significant speed-up and accuracy. The technology driven competitive environment in today’s market place is compelling design/consulting firms and manufacturing companies to seek CAD conversion of their existing paper based documents. AutoCAD is the most popular PC-based CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) system. With Auto LISP, the draftsman can write powerful macros and functions suited to graphics applications, especially as a computational, logical, decision-making, graphical interface to AutoCAD.
The artisans/ craftsperson/ entrepreneurs/ exporters can seek information, advice and guidance on design & product development & innovation. It will provide practical advice and specialist information of design, craft, visual arts, design portfolio management, presentation and marketing to entrepreneurs/ exporters and master craftsmen. The design bank will continuously collect new, innovative and customer oriented designs in electronic/ digitised form and the same shall be disseminated to the artisans/ craft persons/ entrepreneurs/ exporters.

Display centre and design gallery: Set-up shall be like an exhibition area, displays of sample products designed and made by the centre, regular mini exhibits can be done here. Gallery can also be used as a material swatch library complete with material swatches, descriptions, geographical sources, usages and manipulations.
Design Gallery shall provide opportunity to the crafts persons/ manufacturers/ exporters to get the knowledge about the new designs. Gallery will be equipped with set of designs prepared by the expert team of designers/ professionals. Crafts persons/ manufacturers/ exporters will be able to take the copies of the designs/ sketches on the nominal charges so as to run the centre on self sustaining model. The gallery shall provide opportunity to buy designers crafts which otherwise are not available for linkage of marketing.

The centre will help craftsmen/ entrepreneurs to provide a platform to showcase as well as to market their products. Buyer-seller meets can also be organised at this centre which will help to explore new and additional market opportunities for the artisans. Live demonstration by craftsmen/ weavers shall be held along with crafts festivals. Only authentic crafts objects shall be sold or marketed in the display centre.

Design development services: The services of internationally renowned designers shall be made available round the clock to the artisans, crafts persons, manufacturers, exporters on nominal self sustainable rates. Short term, medium term and long term design development courses to train the craftsmen/ entrepreneurs/ exporters of cottage crafts of Moradabad & nearby areas. The services of leading international merchandisers & designers shall be taken for the design development as per the taste of international trends and forecast. The designer will be in close contact with the craftsmen/ entrepreneurs/ exporters for the finishing of the products so they can display in international shows. The designers shall also help the manufacturers, artisans and exporters in the conversion of paper designs into the products.

Design development centre: The centre shall be used as a permanent point for the training of the craftsmen/ entrepreneurs/ exporters for interpretation of designs. Every year various training programmes shall be conducted in the proposed centre for the upliftment of artisans/ exporters on short term and long term basis. The services of various professional design institutes of India viz. NIFT, NID, Pearl, etc. shall be hired on fixed fee basis from time to time for the same to develop the skill of the craftsmen as well drafting the course curriculum. The experts/ designer shall provide their inputs to the attendees with the help of new equipment of designs and modern techniques.

Continuous interactive sessions of different nature and at different levels may be required to be held periodically to focus on policy issues/ problems, sharing experience of different clusters to enable evaluation and to evolve the strategies that are required. The objective of these interactive forums as above is to continuously improve system efficiency through problem solving and experience sharing as a part of learning process.

Library/ resource centre : In order to create awareness of the new designs, innovation, etc. a programme has been envisaged to provide training to the potential, entrepreneurs, manufacturers by organizing workshops, seminars, training programmes to educate and create an environment conducive to the usage of modern techniques required as per the international marketing. Besides this, technology development programmes, design workshops will also be the part of the project.
The resource centre will provide visual access to current design trends/ market information as a one-stop-shop. Research and development of new materials, new designs and new applications shall be a part of the centre. It will provide a platform for cross industry collaboration and promote technical excellence and skills up gradation. The centre focuses on increasing accessibility of access to designs and resources and transfer of knowledge. It will also provide for cross-sectoral collaborations and it will provide practical support to overcome design and production challenges with designers/ technicians. The resource centre shall include the following:
  • Book acquisition section
  • Electronic surveillance system
  • Library OPAC & CD ROM workstations
  • Circulation section/ counter
  • Study room book collection (at circulation counter)
  • Claimed and displayed books and books processed urgently
  • Reference section, server room and reading hall
  • Video collection and viewing facilities
  • Stacks area for books in all disciplines
  • Bound volumes of journals
  • Journals section
  • Standards, reports, pamphlets, photocopies and theses and dissertation

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